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KorupT13 Owner posted Feb 12, 16

I just want to say sorry for the the extended downtime. The first server crash happend while i was sleeping and I didnt have time to fix it before work, which meant the server was down all day. Even when I got home I could not find the real cause of the crash so I started a fresh server install on my computer and downloaded the world, which seemingly fixed the issue. I wiped the files off our server and uploaded the new folder only to wake up to the same thing again. One thing is for sure,  It was an issue with railcraft so I disabled it which erased all railcraft blocks and then I re-enabled it. This time the problem should be fixed although everyone will loose all railcraft blocks from their base and for that I'm sorry. Don't feel too bad though most of the detail work around the whole spawn was railcraft abbysal stone bricks/stairs. We lost countless hours of work because of this and I wish I could truly understand exactly what caused this but hopefully nothing similar happens going forward.


PerkyPerk Co-Owner posted Feb 6, 16

Welcome everyone to a new beginning for Destiny-Unleashed and everyone involved! We are currently running FTB Infinity Evolved: Expert Mode 2.3.5. We have a teamspeak server I hope everyone is having fun playing on the server because we really have spent a ton of time on it! Though we have gotten the bulk of the work done it is true that the server is still WIP (Work In Progress). A little detail work left for the spawn and I guess the same can be said for the backend work but overall the server is very much playable. Make sure you head on over to spawn because even though it's not 100% done it's turning out to be a very elaborate build but we still need feedback on it! We are moving along but we still need people to come join the server so make sure that you vote on the left side and also tell all your friends to come play too! If you have any suggestions make sure you post a thread in the forums! If you are a returning player welcome back and if you are new welcome to the community I hope you enjoy your time here!


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We need your help!

PerkyPerk Co-Owner posted Feb 1, 16

If anyone wants to help out by either building or doing any admin stuff just let either me or Korupt know. We will also need mods!!! When we open there will be alot of new players that will need help so that means we will need mods! If you are interested make sure you fill out a moderator application even if you filled one out before and we will take a look at it before we open the doors. Thanks for your time!!


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