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Minecraft 1.10.2

KorupT13 Owner posted Dec 3, 16

FTB Infinity Lite(Minecraft 1.10.2) is now up if anyone would like to try it out. I would appreciate some feedback so we can iron out any bugs that may be present, thank you.

SFR_Jrmy Veteran Deep Resonance is completely bugged out. Hopefully the new version fixes this. Can't find any information about it....

Server Update

KorupT13 Owner posted Oct 5, 16

Server has been wiped and updated to the latest version, enjoy !

Server Update/Wipe

KorupT13 Owner posted Jun 12, 16

Hello Everyone,

The server has finally been updated to the latest FTB infinity:evolved version and will continue running in expert mode. I would like to apologize for the long wait, I've been a little busy lately. Spawn could not be copied over unfortunately so for the time being we probably won't have anything special.

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